Each day, between the hours of noon and 1:30 P.M, we provide all daycare dogs with a nap. This gives them a resting period before the second half of the play day continues.

In order for each dog to get enough rest during a full day of play (5+ hours), pick ups & drop offs will not be permitted between the time listed above.

No facility tours will be given during nap time,
we apologize for any inconvenience.


I've never crate-trained my dog, how will he/she do during nap time if this is the case?

My dog usually eats lunch at home around that time and is very protective of her food bowl. Is there a place where I can leave my dog's lunch?

The nap time period is designed to help your dog relax with no disturbances. Dogs participating in full days of daycare spend 5 hours or more of consistent exercise & socialization, so giving each dog a break is key to a successful day of play!

In the case that your dog doesn't do well in his/her crate during this time, half days may be a better option for your pooch. (The resting period is just as important for your own dog as it is for the many others participating in daycare.)
Each dog will have an assigned bin with their name on it where things such as leashes, food, medicine,  and other items pertaining to that particular dog will be kept. Owners may provide their dogs with food for the daycare attendants to administer during nap time.

In addition, all dogs will be separated during feeding/nap time.
Please note any food guarding in the behavioral notes section of your client contract.