Frequently Asked Questions

Q4: My dog has never been around dogs in an off leash setting. Is daycare a good way to have him/her be introduced to socialization with other dogs?

Q1: How often does my dog need to attend daycare?

Q3: While my dog is here for daycare, could he/she get a nail trim, bath, or haircut?

A1: In most cases, we recommend 2-3 daycare stays per week. We strongly encourage owners to maintain a consistent daycare schedule. Each dog is different, so this may vary based on your dog's preferences, energy level, personality, and age.

A3: Dog Valley Grooming can assist with all of your fur babies' grooming needs as well! Grooming appointments must be scheduled in advance. Otherwise, availability is not guarenteed. All sizes & breeds are welcome.

A4: Unfortunately, doggy daycare is not meant to teach your pet how to socialize. We accept dogs that have prior group-play experience before coming into our care. 
(If you have recently bought or adopted your pet, please socialize them in a group environment before inquiring about daycare) 

Q2: Why is my dog thirsty when returning home from daycare?

Q3: My dog's paws/feet seem sore after attending daycare. Is this normal?

Q4: Do dogs ever get hurt or injured while in your care?

A2: Various water stations are available at all times in each of the indoor and outdoor play yards. Playing all day is strenuous for your pooch and he/she will likely require a little extra water to help rehydrate after a long & hard day of play.
A3: It is very common for your dog's paw pads to be tender after coming to daycare, especially when they first start attending. Most pups aren't used to being active all day so this is very common. Your dogs pads will start to harden up and become stronger as they attend more regularly & get used to the level of activity.
A4: Although our staff does our best to minimize any injury to your dog, during normal play a dog may get small scratches, nicks, and lose small patches of fur. Although rare, it is possible for more serious injuries to occur in an off-leash, group setting.